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What does sex do to our brains?

Why do we want sex?

Hardly because of the physical exercises themselves, which, rather, in our modern times, only deny us the desire for intimacy (poor tired humanity!). The truth is that sex makes us feel better, improves mood, increases self-esteem, and generally acts like a drug up to addiction … This action has its own explanation because in intimate communication there is the release of dopamine, the same neurotransmitter, in the absence of which Parkinson’s disease develops (and it is not entirely clear whether the decrease in dopamine synthesis leads to a decrease in the feeling of pleasure and the development of parkinsonism or to the absence of irritation and stimulation of its synthesis). Well, dopamine is the culprit that makes people turn to drugs again and again. Chocolate, caffeine, and nicotine are related to the same brain center…

In addition to the action of the drug, sex has an antidepressant effect, which, incidentally, is due to one of its specific ingredients – sperm .. Strangely enough, this male ejaculate contains sex hormones and substances such as the female sex hormone estrogen, prostaglandins – also known to women in labor, and others, which have antidepressant properties, is calming and boost self-esteem and mood. Remember, though, that for a dose of greater pleasure, it’s not worth risking an STD, roughly speaking, using a condom if the contact is more naughty.

However, this dopamine and these “natural antidepressants” are a “double-edged sword”, because after sex their level drops and, especially if there is no indulgence in sleep, which is characteristic of the more tender half of humanity, and falls into a melancholic mood, similar to light depression. Researchers have documented that a third of women fall into this state, although they still cannot explain the reasons for this … What could be connected, among other things, with the completion and satisfaction of relationships …

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