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What do testicles say about a man’s health?

It turns out that testicles can tell a lot about their owner. By their size, one can judge their well-being.

Big testicles – more heart problems

In 2013, a study of 2,800 men found that those with larger testicles had an increased risk of developing heart disease. They also consume more alcohol and therefore have higher blood pressure levels.

However, experts believe that the cause of heart problems is the luteinizing hormone, which regulates the secretion of testosterone. Studies have shown that higher testosterone levels are associated with a higher incidence of heart problems.

Small testicles – sleep problems

An interesting connection was found by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark. About 1000 men took part in the study. Their sleep schedule, sleep disturbance, and sleep habits are being studied.

It turned out that those men who suffer from insomnia, stay up late at night or go to bed at different times, have a sperm count lower by 29%. In addition, their testicles were deformed to be 1.6% larger and smaller in size.

Small testicles are not the cause of sleep disturbances. Evidence suggests that men with smaller testicles may not get enough sleep.

The scientists add that not getting enough rest at night is also associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, which includes increased consumption of fatty foods, alcohol, and smoking.

The data, on the other hand, link smaller testicles to an increased sense of paternal responsibility.

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