What are aphrodisiacs?

When we talk about an aphrodisiac, can we define where the fantasy lies and where the truth begins? An aphrodisiac is a substance that enhances sexual desire. And although there is no real scientific evidence of its existence, people continued to believe for centuries …

When we experience sexual arousal, the bodies of both sexes are controlled by hormones, science says. An interesting fact is that both men and women respond to increased levels of testosterone, the male reproductive hormone. And what can help the release of this hormone?

For many years, almonds have been considered an aphrodisiac. Because of their shape, they are considered a symbol of fertility. Even the French writer Alexandre Dumas once wrote that nuts arouse passion in women.

Asparagus is another food that boosts sex drive as it is high in folic acid, which increases histamine production. Histamines are chemicals produced by cells and are required by both men and women to achieve orgasm. For this reason, they are considered sexual stimulants.

Bananas also fit into this category, and the scientific explanation for this lies in their content of vitamins, minerals, and bromelain enzymes, which are considered libido enhancers.

Oysters and chocolate are two of the most commonly paired aphrodisiacs. Part of their fame stems from their ability to promote the release of certain “happiness hormones” in the body, such as dopamine and serotonin.

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