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Sex can cause headaches in men

Sex is a recognized method of relieving tension, relieving headaches, and physical and mental recovery. Perhaps, but not always! Not for those men who suffer from sexual headaches.

“Sexual headache” occurs in 1% of the male population. The condition is officially recognized by the medical community and is included in the classification of different types of headaches.

In most cases, we are talking about a growing dull pain in the neck and head during intercourse. The climax of the headache occurs when an orgasm is reached. Then the intensity of the pain is the strongest. The headache persists for the following hours, even for the next day or two.

In other cases, the headache will debut suddenly and abruptly with the onset of an orgasm. Whatever the dynamics of pain, it does not occur with every sexual intercourse. However, a sexual headache is especially unpleasant, because it gives a bitter taste at times when men are most relaxed and happy.

Until now, little is known about the genetics and exact mechanism of sexual headaches. Scientists attribute this condition to both a genetic predisposition and chronically cumulative stress that alters the brain’s response to the sensation of orgasm. There is no officially recognized treatment. Indomethacin, some beta-blockers are used.

According to some researchers, sexual headache can be considered a special case of the so-called. post-orgasmic illness syndrome. The symptom complex of the latter includes muscle pain throughout the body, severe fatigue, headache, flu-like symptoms. These complaints are again observed only in men, begin a few seconds after ejaculation and continue for several days.

One common hypothesis to explain this phenomenon is an allergic reaction caused by proteins in the seminal fluid. There is no specific treatment.

Some French authors give an interesting name to the syndrome of post-orgasmic illness. They call it “la petite mort” which means “little death”. However, other experts in the field argue that this idiom refers to an almost unconscious state of bliss after orgasm, when the memory of the experience leaves a feeling of something dead in the deep essence of the person.

Obviously, sometimes an orgasm can bring with it surprisingly unpleasant sensations… However, this information certainly should not stop anyone from wanting intimacy with their partner. We certainly do not say that! We wish people who have similar problems not to identify themselves with them, but to find ways out of them, that is, to find their adequate solution!

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