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Preparations to improve potency for men

With the weakening of male power, representatives of the stronger sex choose medications to improve potency in men. The question is important, and the topic is sensitive, so not every patient is ready to openly turn to a urologist with such a health problem. However, it needs to be addressed, and urgently. First, you need to figure out how to increase the potency in men in natural ways, and then resort to the help of medical methods.

Reasons for the decrease in potency

The causes that provoke impotence are distributed by specialists into several main groups, which makes it possible to distinguish the following options:

  • vascular disorders;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • neurological disorders;
  • drug violations;
  • local disturbances.

These options correspond to the organic nature of the disease that we have already considered, in which impotence is the result of deviations in the normal functioning of one or another organ (system) in the body of a man. Of the diseases that provoke the development of impotence in men, the following can be distinguished: hypertension, atherosclerosis, low testosterone (hypogonadism), multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and spinal cord injury.

Focusing on impotence provoked by diseases of the genital organs, three main forms can be distinguished that occur against the background of the influence of the following types of factors: disorders associated with the intrasecretory function of the testicles; the relevance of diseases of the area of the seminal tubercle and prostate gland; mechanical causes (diseases of the penis, damage or malformations). In the first case, the disease has an endocrine nature of origin, against which the reduced production of the sex hormone by the testicles leads to a concomitant weakening of sexual desire.

Such disorders of the testicles can be congenital in nature (underdevelopment of the testicles), they can also be acquired in childhood (when suffering from bilateral orchitis or mumps, with scarring and wrinkling in diseased testicles) or at a more mature age (testicular injury, orchitis, age-related changes). accompanying the onset of old or senile age).

As for the second form, in which diseases of the seminal tubercle or prostate gland that are relevant to the patient are considered, they, in turn, are associated either with the presence of deviations from the normal sexual life (which implies the presence of sexual excesses in it, actions associated with the artificial extension of the sexual act or with its interruption, as well as frequent onanism), or with third-party infection (posttrichomonas or postgonorrheal prostatitis and its other forms).

Medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

There are many drugs on the market that can improve potency. Consulting with a doctor will help you choose the best option for a particular case.

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