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Preparations for the treatment of sensory organs

Problems with the functioning of the sense organs can occur at any age. This may be a loss of smell, hearing or vision impairment. All violations are accompanied by certain symptoms, with the manifestation of which it is necessary to consult a doctor. After establishing the cause of the pathology, special drugs are prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the sense organs in humans.

Treatment of ear diseases

In most cases, complex therapy is prescribed, which reduces pain and eliminates inflammation. If the disease is chronic, drugs prolong the period of remission. For ear pathologies:

  • antibiotics (drops or tablets) if a bacterial infection is detected;
  • antiseptics to wash the ear;
  • analgesics to reduce pain;
  • ointments with anti-inflammatory action, which must be laid in the ear canal;
  • vasoconstrictor drugs in the form of drops;
  • hormonal medications.

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