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Preparations for the respiratory system

Preparations for the treatment of respiratory organs

Autumn and winter are associated not only with cold weather but also with the season of viral and colds. Everyone suffers from them – both adults and children. Therefore, for the first symptoms, it is necessary to take measures as soon as possible so that complications do not appear.

In our online pharmacy, you will find drugs for the treatment of respiratory organs, as well as for the prevention of acute respiratory infections, SARS, and influenza. We offer inexpensive yet effective products.

The principle of action of antiviral drugs

Everyone can get sick with a cold or a viral disease, and the symptoms will be the same for everyone:

increase in body temperature;
pain and sore throat;
runny nose;
headache, and others.
The main reason why a person catches an infectious disease is reduced immunity. In this case, our body, for certain reasons, cannot recognize and destroy pathogens that have entered the body.

And viruses enter the respiratory tract through the nose or mouth – you just inhale them. That is why the first symptoms are often perspiration and sore throat.

Medicines for acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections are aimed at getting rid of the symptoms of the disease, as well as supporting the body as a whole in the fight against viruses. This group of drugs is of two types, depending on the type of fight against the virus:

  • immunomodulatory drugs. They affect the human immune system, stimulating it. Some agents contribute to the production of antiviral agents, others to the production of immune cells that absorb cells already affected by the virus;
  • isotropic drugs for acute respiratory infections and influenza. They act on the virus itself. They do not allow it to penetrate the cells and prevent their reproduction.

There are other drugs that do not affect the virus itself and do not even help our body destroy it, but at the same time improve a person’s well-being by removing certain symptoms. They relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa, and therefore it becomes easier to breathe. Reduce body temperature – aches, fever, sweating pass. Helps to fight cough – dry and wet. They fill the body with vitamins and nutrients since during illness their resources are significantly reduced.

Medicines from TrustedTablets

Here you can buy cheap good drugs for the treatment of the respiratory system for an adult and for a child. In the instructions for use you will find all the information about drugs, namely the features of administration and dosages. Before use, be sure to consult with your doctor.

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