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Preparations for the cardiovascular system

Chronic and acute diseases of the cardiovascular system can be cured through conservative therapy. Medications are prescribed that stabilize blood pressure, saturate the myocardium with oxygen, and increase blood flow. Such medicines are in the form of capsules, tablets, solutions, and injections. They take heart preparations strictly according to the doctor’s prescription, which establishes the cause of the pathology. Self-administration is excluded since cardiovascular drugs have many side effects and contraindications.

List of cardiovascular drugs

Diseases of the cardiovascular system most often lead to the death of a person. To strengthen the cardiovascular system, nutrition, and maintenance, and eliminate negative symptoms – medicines for the heart and blood vessels of different groups are used:

  • ACE inhibitors increase blood pressure. Thanks to their use, capillary walls are restored, metabolic processes in the heart muscle, and blood flow are improved, the growth of atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots is blocked, the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates is normalized, and headaches and heart pains are reduced. They are also taken to prevent heart attack and stroke.
  • Sartans are medicines that are prescribed in the presence of an allergic reaction to ACE. They have a milder effect on the kidneys, uric acid is more quickly excreted in the urine, which is a positive thing for people with gout.
  • Calcium antagonists dilate blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure and normalizing blood flow.
  • Beta-blockers are drugs for the cardiovascular system that slow down the heart rate, thereby reducing the need for oxygen in the heart muscle, normalizing blood flow, and improving its performance. These medications are contraindicated in people with atherosclerosis, and diabetes mellitus, as they negatively affect lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. They also have quite serious side effects in the form of insomnia and increased heart failure at the very beginning of treatment, so they should be taken strictly under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Diuretics are diuretic drugs that are used as part of the complex treatment of hypertension in conjunction with sartans, ACE inhibitors, and other medicines. Thanks to their intake, shortness of breath, and swelling are reduced, and excess fluid is removed from the body. They also affect lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. These medicines should be taken with caution by diabetics.
  • For the treatment of arrhythmias. These drugs are divided into classes, depending on the cause that caused the pathology. Taken strictly as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents are drugs that control the process of blood clotting, thereby preventing blood clots.

Medicines for chronic heart failure

This disease manifests itself in old age, and is treated comprehensively through all of the above drugs. Also jointly appointed with them:

  • Ethyl esters of polyunsaturated fatty acids that regulate blood clotting and fat metabolism.
  • Cardiac glycosides increase the contractility of the heart muscle.
  • Medicines with potassium and magnesium – substances that are necessary for the normal functioning of the heart.
  • Metabolic drugs are needed by older people to correct their general health.

What drugs for the heart should be in the first aid kit

Without timely medical attention, acute heart failure can lead to the death of the patient. Many recommendations recommend having the following heart medicines in your first aid kit:

  • If there is a suspicion of a stroke or heart attack – Nitroglycerin, Aspirin. If there is tachycardia – Propranolol.
  • In case of a hypertensive crisis, it is recommended to have Clonidine, Carvedilol, or Captopril in the medicine cabinet.
  • In the case of a collapsed state – Aminazine, with inflammation – Prednisolone.
  • It should be noted that all drugs

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