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Painkillers & Analgesics

Adults and children experience pain. They can occur in different locations, and be the result of blows, bruises, overexertion, illness, cosmetic or medical procedures, or the influence of weather factors.

Painkillers allow you to eliminate unpleasant sensations, and lead a full-fledged lifestyle. These medicines are presented in a wide range, depending on the composition, they eliminate pain in different parts of the body of children and adults.

Painkillers: features of choice

Today, analgesics are represented by a wide range, among them, there are expensive and inexpensive tablets, drugs administered intramuscularly or intravenously.

For the drug to be effective, take into account:

  • the person’s age;
  • type of pain;
  • location;
  • presence of contraindications.

Given these factors, you can choose a fast and safe tool.

Painkillers: a brief overview and classification

All painkillers are divided into groups:

  • drugs that affect the central nervous system;
  • drugs that have a peripheral effect;
  • drugs that have a local effect.

Depending on the active substance, painkillers act differently on the nervous system. Given the nature of the pain, you can choose a safe and effective remedy:

  • to relieve heat;
  • having an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • to relieve headache, toothache, and pain on critical days;
  • for pain relief in arthritis, sciatica, etc.

Painkillers that affect the central nervous system

Medicines that affect the central nervous system are strong painkillers, they may contain narcotic substances, such as:

  • codeine;
  • morphine;
  • ethylmorphine;
  • fentanyl.

These medicines are only available with a doctor’s prescription. When they are used, the central nervous system is affected, as a result, the pain quickly disappears. When prescribing such drugs, it is important to correctly calculate the dosage so that dependence does not occur. They are used in extreme cases, for example, in the postoperative period.

Drugs that have a peripheral effect

Medicines that have a peripheral effect on the nervous system contain:

  • ibuprofen;
  • diclofenac;
  • acetylsalicylic acid.

These are also potent drugs, they help get rid of toothache, from sensations caused by injuries, and blows. The rating of the most popular and cheapest medicines includes:

  • Analgin;
  • paracetamol;
  • no-shpa;
  • aspirin.

The medicine is produced in various forms: regular or water-soluble tablets, powder, rectal suppositories, injection solutions, and capsules. This allows you to choose the most convenient form for admission by adults and children.

Drugs that have a local effect

Topical preparations are used to relieve pain due to joint disease, bruises, sprains, etc. They have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, and locally block the supply of impulses to the central nervous system.

For ease of use, they are created in the form of an ointment and are characterized by:

  • high efficiency for local anesthesia;
  • speed;
  • safety for the digestive tract;
  • a broad spectrum of action on soft tissues.

Today, there are many varieties of ointments and gels to relieve pain in the back, joints of the legs and arms. Ointments for relieving pain caused by injuries, and blows additionally contain cooling components.

How to order painkillers?

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