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Over-the-counter Erectile dysfunction medications

There are many online offers and store sales for products that claim to be similar to prescription erectile dysfunction medications. The buyer of these so-called erectile dysfunction drugs should beware, since most herbs and supplements are insufficiently studied, well tested, or approved by the FDA for use by patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. These erectile dysfunction medications may cause side effects or interact with other medications that the patient is taking.

Dehydroepiandrosterone, also called DHEA, is advertised as one of a number of over-the-counter medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It has shown some positive results in patients with erectile dysfunction, such as L-arginine and ginseng. Yohimbe, which contains components of the bark of an African tree, has also shown some results as a cure for erectile dysfunction but apparently carries some possible health risks. Gingko and goat horn was positioned as “natural” medicines for erectile dysfunction, but they gave almost no results.

Patients wishing to take erectile dysfunction medications should be warned if they are considering buying these or other over-the-counter medications claiming to act similarly to viagra or other erectile dysfunction medications. Many of these products have actually been banned from sale in the United States and other countries. Despite government attempts to control dangerous products advertised as erectile dysfunction medications, many of them are still available online and sold despite the dangers.

Another thing to consider when buying erectile dysfunction medications is that statements about “all-natural” and “100% safe” products do not necessarily mean that the products are safe at all. Herbal medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction can cause serious interactions and have dangerous side effects. For safe use and optimal results, patients should use only those medications for erectile dysfunction that are recommended and prescribed by their doctor. A doctor may prescribe pharmaceutical versions or even over-the-counter medications if the doctor believes that the over-the-counter version is as effective and safe as readily available controlled medications.

Buying Erectile Dysfunction Medications

When buying erectile dysfunction medications online, make sure that the source is a legitimately licensed pharmacy. If you can’t find a phone number and contact an online pharmacy, if prices are incredibly low or seem unrealistic, or if a prescription is not required for an erectile dysfunction medication that is usually prescribed by a doctor, do not buy at this pharmacy.

There are many illegal online operations posing as pharmacies that sell erectile dysfunction medications. Their erectile dysfunction medications are usually fake versions, ineffective, or even dangerous forms of other legitimate erectile dysfunction medications. In the United States, to confirm whether an online pharmacy offering erectile dysfunction medications is legal, make sure it operates with a good reputation according to the National Association of Pharmaceutical Boards. To be safe when buying erectile dysfunction medications, always buy them at a licensed pharmacy.

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