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Natural Intensive Lip Balm

Almond, Olive, Honey, Apple, Winter Cherry

Introducing the natural wonder that is Himalaya’s Natural Intensive Lip Balm®, the perfect solution for those sore and cracked lips that plague you especially during the harsh winter months. This lip balm is an herbal blend of potent ingredients such as Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Honey, Apple Seed Oil, and Winter Cherry that come together in a symphony of healing and protection to keep your lips well-hydrated and safe from drying.

The unique combination of these herbal oils and extracts provides a complex array of benefits that nourish and moisturize your lips deeply, giving them extra protection against the unforgiving cold. With the antioxidant and anti-stress properties of Winter Cherry, this natural lip balm not only protects your lips but also helps regenerate skin cells.

Apple Seed Oil, one of the key ingredients of this lip balm, is an excellent emollient that works wonders on chapped lips. It helps rehydrate your lips, bringing them back to their natural, luscious state. Olive Oil is also added to this lip balm, enriched with Vitamin E, it nourishes and softens your lips, preventing them from chapping.

Almond Oil, another powerful ingredient, is rich in Vitamin A, which penetrates deeply into your skin, providing the necessary moisture and nourishment to keep your lips healthy and hydrated. Honey, a natural antiseptic, is also included in the mix, which not only nourishes and moisturizes but also heals chapped and cracked lips.

This lip balm comes in a convenient pack size of 4.5g, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It’s also available in various packages, with different savings options for bulk purchases. You can buy five pieces for just $29.95, saving you $34.80, or four pieces for $27.95, saving you $23.85. The three-piece package is available for $24.95, providing you with a saving of $13.90, while the two-piece pack costs only $18.95, saving you $6.95. If you’re looking to buy just one piece, it’s available for $12.95.

For best results, apply this natural lip balm evenly and liberally on your lips, as often as needed. With the powerful blend of herbal ingredients, Himalaya’s Natural Intensive Lip Balm® is the perfect remedy to keep your lips healthy, hydrated, and protected all year round.

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