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Haridra, Amalaki, Guduchi, Triphala…

Imunohills® is an incredible supplement that offers an array of immuno-modulatory properties through a combination of potent herbal ingredients, including Haridra, Amalaki, Guduchi, Triphala, and Pippali. These herbs have been shown to improve the body’s resistance power, thereby building a healthy immune system, and providing optimal antioxidant protection.

Guduchi, in particular, is known for its potent Rasayana, which helps to support the body’s resistance power. It also increases the effectiveness of white blood cells and builds up the immune system. The rejuvenating and detoxifying properties of Amla, Triphala, and Gokshur provide an excellent way to repair and strengthen the body’s tissues, acting as an anti-aging agent, and improving vitality.

When it comes to purchasing Imunohills®, 1mg offers four different package options with varying savings. You can choose from 30, 60, 120, or 180 capsules, with prices ranging from $24.95 to $53.95.

Immunity is a vital defense system that protects us from a range of external substances like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and more. A healthy immune system comprises organs, tissues, and special interdependent cells, without which various medical problems can arise. This is where Imunohills® comes in.

Developed by Herbal Hills, a leading immune system medicine manufacturer, immunity booster medicine supplier, and wholesaler in India, Imunohills® is a natural immunity booster that provides support through a combination of powerful herbs. The company owns herbal land in the Sahyadri mountains that provides a pollution-free environment, which is most suitable for growing herbs.

To ensure the highest quality, Herbal Hills has the best research team to develop natural immune-boosting herbs without any toxins. They also use modern and progressive techniques to produce herbal supplements that are full of Ayurvedic richness and high in quality. To maintain customer satisfaction, Herbal Hills has government-approved certifications and licenses like ISO, HALAL, and GMP.

Imunohills® is a classical ayurvedic preparation that comprises Amlaki, Guduchi, Gokshura, Triphala, Haridra, Neempatra, and Bhumiamalaki as its main ingredients, all of which have immune-boosting, antioxidant, detoxifying, and rejuvenating properties. These herbs are processed with Cow Ghee, which nourishes the ojas, the subtle essence of all the body’s tissues for health and longevity.

Each immune boosters capsule contains 500 mg of herbal extract blend, which benefits healthy Immunity and is made in India under strict GMP guidelines. This means that when you choose Imunohills®, you’re choosing a pure, high-quality, natural supplement that you can trust with your health.

Each soft gelatin capsule contains Haridra, Amalaki, Guduchi, Triphala, Neempatra, Pippali, Bhumiamalaki, Gokshura, Cow Milk, and Go-brutal, all of which work together to support a healthy immune system. To use Imunohills®, take two soft gel capsules in the morning or as recommended by your physician, preferably on an empty stomach before meals. For best results, it should be taken with water or milk.

It’s important to note that Imunohills® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, it can certainly help improve your immune system naturally, making it an excellent option for those looking to support their health.

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