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Homeopathic preparations

Homeopathy is actively used in many countries. This is an approach to treatment, which is based on the principle of “like is treated like”. That is, therapy is carried out with very small doses of substances that, in large volumes, can cause symptoms similar to those of the disease. These substances are contained in homeopathic remedies.

What are homeopathic remedies?

These are the means used in alternative medicine that improve the functioning of organ systems and the body as a whole. They contain active ingredients in very small doses. The main raw materials for the manufacture of drugs are substances of animal, vegetable, and mineral origin. These can be stems, roots, and flowers of plants, insignificant doses of insect venom, snakes, etc.

Many homeopathic preparations have already passed serious clinical trials, and their benefits have been proven. But there are also those that can harm the body. That is why it is better not to take even such seemingly safe drugs on your own. Use them if the doctor has given such recommendations and specified which homeopathic preparations to look at in the pharmacy.

What problems are homeopathic pills prescribed for?

Funds are used in different situations:

  • treatment of “fictitious” diseases in psychiatry;
  • struggle with increased anxiety;
  • addition to the main treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including arrhythmia, hypertension, angina pectoris, etc.;
  • prevention of asthma attacks;
  • cough therapy;
  • treatment of the digestive system;
  • treatment of urolithiasis, etc.

Thus, in a homeopathic pharmacy, there are sedatives, cardiac, antiviral, feminine preparations, and many others. Separate types for children are also produced, in particular, intended for the prevention of seasonal colds.

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