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Features of intimate hygiene in men

Maintaining adequate intimate hygiene is important for sexual health, and lack of it can lead to infections. Not to mention the awkwardness and embarrassment between two partners in a heated situation that can get in the way of a healthy and happy sex life.

One of the most important tips for both partners is to wear clean underwear. To do this, it should not be soaked in sweat, which usually happens after a workout in the gym. Even if the sweat has dried, it is still necessary to change the underwear, as it creates a fertile ground for the development of bacteria. It also exposes the intimate area to the risk of infection. Sweat can also block skin pores, leading to the development of folliculitis.

Another important condition associated with intimate hygiene is the need for the skin to breathe. To do this, underwear should not be too tight but should be comfortable. It is recommended to be made from cotton material, not synthetics.

Regular emptying of the bladder can also help clear bacteria from the urinary tract. And vice versa – with urinary retention, their development is supported. So regular drinking of water helps our health in this aspect as well.

However, there are important features of gender hygiene. What is typical for a man?

Collected secretions and dirt must be removed from the male genital organs regularly. With each shower, the foreskin should be pulled back as much as possible to flush the glans and the ring underneath. The action should not cause discomfort.

It does not need to be washed with soap or any other cosmetic product. Simply rinse with warm water.

Lack of cleaning of the glans penis leads to the accumulation of smegma. It is usually harmless but can cause irritation and infection if accumulated in large amounts.

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