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Fairness Kesar Face Wash

Pomegranate, Kesar, Cucumber, Mint

Fairness Kesar Face Wash – an herbal product that promises to give you an instant pick-me-up for your skin, leaving it rejuvenated and glowing. This face wash is packed with natural ingredients like Saffron, Pomegranate, Mint, and Cucumber, which work together to nourish, cool, soothe, and enhance your complexion.

Himalaya’s Fairness Kesar Face Wash is formulated with a soap-free, natural formula that brightens and revitalizes your skin, leaving it with a healthy and natural glow. Enriched with Kesar, which is proven for its complexion-enhancing properties, this face wash promises to give you a fairer and clearer complexion.

The nourishing properties of Pomegranate help to hydrate, soften and nourish the skin, while Mint’s antiseptic properties help to cleanse and soothe the skin. Cucumber acts as an excellent toner, tightening open pores and rejuvenating the skin with its abundant antioxidants.

Kesar, an age-old herb used in skincare for centuries, possesses antibacterial properties that help treat infections and kill bacteria, while the potent antioxidant and protective benefits of Pomegranate protect the skin against free radicals generated by the environment.

Suitable for all skin types, Fairness Kesar Face Wash is an excellent option for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin. To use, simply moisten your face, apply a small quantity of face wash, and gently work up a lather using a circular motion. Rinse off and pat dry, and use twice daily for best results.

If you’re interested in trying this product, you can purchase it in three different package options, with varying savings. Buying three tubes offers the most savings while purchasing one tube offers the least. So, go ahead and give your skin the pampering it deserves with Himalaya’s Fairness Kesar Face Wash.

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