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Can a man be sexually active all his life? Yes!

A large percentage of men with diabetes who have undergone abdominal or elderly surgery suffer from erectile dysfunction and experience a range of other sexual problems. The decision to improve their sex life today, when the medicine is so advanced, is entirely up to them. Penile implant placement is a proven procedure to restore 100% erection, ejaculation, and orgasm in men.

A certain group of men, especially those with long-term diabetes, hypertension, or other conditions leading to vascular problems, are young and need help to regain their sexual activity. A penile implant is a solution for men who have completely lost their erectile ability. When the drugs stop working, we resort to a method that provides a 100% erection. This is the so-called penile implant. Its installation procedures require a high level of expertise and produce consistently excellent results.

Another large group of patients is men who have undergone radical prostatectomy or another type of prostate surgery in which sexual function is impaired. In some cases, penile implants are also used in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which the penis becomes deformed when an erection occurs, and the erection itself can be quite painful. With Peyronie’s disease or the so-called plastic hardening of the penis, the anatomy of its erectile system is disturbed – the space of the cavernous bodies, which are 2 “balloons” on the dorsal surface of the organ, is reduced. Their fast and effective filling provides an erection, and the pressure of the venous vessels above them – its stabilization.

What can men expect with a penile implant?

Firstly, they can be sure that the product itself will not cause any inconvenience, will not be noticed even by their partner, and will not cause a reaction. Of all the types of implants used in medicine today, these products are the most accepted by the human body. After that, they can look forward to virtually the rest of their lives with stable, long-lasting erections and the ability to have sex.

how is the procedure going?

Implantation is performed using andrological surgery with cosmetic sutures. The most common approach is below and behind the testicles. Anesthesia is usually spinal and the man remains conscious. The postoperative period is easy, the clinic is usually discharged the next day.

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