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Antimicrobial and antibacterial drugs

Scope of antimicrobial drugs

Various pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms cause the most inflammatory processes in the body.

Bronchitis, pneumonia, cystitis, otitis media, conjunctivitis, and many other diseases develop with the growth of bacterial flora.

How are antibiotics classified?

You can buy antibacterial drugs without a doctor’s prescription, but it is not recommended to choose the treatment yourself without an established diagnosis. The wrong treatment regimen will not only be ineffective but can also lead to complications, as well as the occurrence of side effects.

Antibacterial drugs are produced in the form of tablets, capsules, ointments, and solutions. Accordingly, the price of antibacterial drugs has a large run-up.

Preparations are divided into groups depending on the composition, origin, and action of certain microorganisms. Some active substances are effective only in the treatment of diseases caused by certain bacteria. Others act on several groups of pathogens at once. Such drugs contain an active substance with a wide spectrum of action.

What are antimicrobials used for?

At the pharmacy, you can buy antimicrobial agents that are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria or fungi. But such drugs are completely ineffective in the treatment of viral infections.

Antimicrobial tablets are prescribed in the treatment of diseases of the ENT organs, the respiratory system, internal organs, bones, muscle tissue, skin and many others. Antimicrobial drugs have been successfully used to treat diseases accompanied by purulent discharge.

How to order antimicrobials

You can order antimicrobial agents in any form of release online at the TrustedTablets online pharmacy. To do this, you need to select the appropriate tool and send it to the basket. To complete your order, just fill out a short form.

What are the side effects of antimicrobials?

To buy antimicrobial agents, you need to be sure that they are suitable for the treatment of the disease. Therefore, the treatment regimen with their use should be prescribed by the attending physician.

This category of drugs has a pronounced therapeutic effect. At the same time, improperly selected treatment and dosage can lead to severe side effects.

The most common side effect is the occurrence of an allergic reaction to the components of the drug. It can manifest itself in the form of urticaria, edema, bronchospasm, Quincke’s edema, and anaphylactic shock. If you have already had an allergy during treatment with antimicrobial drugs, you should definitely tell your doctor about it.

Antibacterial drugs can lead to dysbacteriosis, especially if the treatment is carried out with broad-spectrum drugs. In addition to these, the list of side effects includes headaches, myocarditis, dyspepsia, CNS damage, convulsions, visual impairment, and many others.

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