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Anticancer drugs

In our time, the treatment of cancer has reached a high level, and therefore many patients with different diagnoses manage to overcome the disease, achieving long-term remission. Treatment of malignant tumors involves the use of various drugs.

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Classification of drugs for the treatment of oncology

Cancer is a disease that can affect any human organ. Treatment is aimed at stopping the development of the tumor, that is, the cells must stop dividing and die.

Oncological therapy includes anticancer drugs for the following groups:

  • Alkylating agents. This is the largest group of anticancer drugs. Their action is aimed at the alkylation of DNA elements and partially RNA. As a result, the structure and viscosity of the threads deteriorate, and, consequently, the vital activity of cells is also disturbed, and the participation of different groups in metabolism is blocked. All this leads to a stop of cell divisions;
  • Antimetabolites are anticancer drugs that also affect cell division. They are close to metabolites, that is, to compounds that are involved in metabolism and affect cell activity. Antimetabolites enter instead of metabolites into chemical reactions, thereby inhibiting them;
  • Antitumor antibiotics. They have antimicrobial and antitumor activity. Used to treat tumors and myeloblastosis;
  • Means of plant origin. Alkaloids of certain plants block cell mitosis;
  • Hormonal preparations and antagonists. They are used in the case of hormone-dependent types of cancer. Help to establish a hormonal background;
  • Immunomodulators. These are drugs that affect the human immune system. Although they do not have a direct effect on pathogens, they do change the immune response of cells.

The treatment of cancer is approached in a complex way, using such anti-blastoma drugs, which, acting on DNA, destroy the threads and reduce the vital activity of cells. After that, the development of a cancerous tumor stops.

Anticancer drugs act destructively on malignant neoplasms, but at the same time, they also affect other organs and systems of the body. On the one hand, this causes undesirable side effects, and on the other hand, it makes it possible to apply them in other areas of medicine.

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Ordering anticancer drugs in an online pharmacy

Modern medicine does not stand still and many cancers are already successfully treated with various medicines. At the same time, it is possible to achieve a lasting result and bring a person into long-term remission. The price of anticancer drugs is quite low. You can order goods quickly on this site – just select the necessary drugs and fill out the delivery form. We will deliver everything quickly to anywhere in the country.

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