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Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera

Himalaya’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo® is formulated with natural ingredients that gently remove dandruff while nourishing and strengthening hair roots, promoting a healthy scalp. The shampoo helps to moisturize hair and prevent dryness. It addresses the root causes of dandruff such as Malassezia fungus and dry scalp, while being gentle on the hair. This shampoo is fortified with herbal ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Chickpea, and Aloe Vera, which help to effectively control dandruff and provide nourishment to the hair shaft.

Tea Tree Oil is a well-known anti-fungal agent that effectively treats dandruff. It moisturizes hair and keeps the scalp free of fungal infections. Aloe Vera softens hair and soothes the scalp, helping to alleviate itching.

To use, gently massage the shampoo into wet hair and scalp, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. This shampoo is effective for all hair types and is safe for use on artificially colored or permed hair.

The packaging of this product comes in a 100ml bottle. Additionally, Himalaya offers package deals where customers can purchase three bottles at a discounted rate, two bottles at a lower price with savings, or one bottle at the regular price.

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