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Active Fresh Gel

Miswak, Menthol, Dill, Fennel, Clove, Cardamon

Active Fresh Gel is a herbal toothpaste from Himalaya that provides complete dental care. Its key ingredients include Miswak, Indian Dill, Menthol, Fennel, Clove, and Cardamom, all of which work together to tighten gums, prevent swelling, gum bleeding, tooth decay, and bad breath. Miswak inhibits dental plaque, prevents gum inflammation and bleeding, and strengthens gums, while Indian Dill prevents oral odor. Menthol provides long-lasting fresh breath, and Fennel is an effective natural astringent that tightens gums. Clove contains eugenol, an anesthetic chemical that numbs nerves and controls pain, and is also an antiseptic that eliminates oral bacteria. Cardamom contains terpenes, which significantly inhibit the growth of oral microbes, leading to healthy gums and fresh breath. To use, squeeze a small amount of Active Fresh Gel onto a toothbrush and brush teeth twice daily for optimal results.

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