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A vibrating condom guarantees an orgasm every time

Reaching orgasm during sex every time can be a mission accomplished. An American condom company has developed a female condom that allows you to get maximum pleasure every time you have sex.

Innovation experts explain that a condom can vibrate on its own. It can be administered up to eight hours before sexual intercourse.

A study was also conducted involving 50 couples. Data show that 70% of women experience an orgasm the first time they use a female condom. With repeated use, the percentage of women experiencing higher pleasure rose to 84.

Experts report that by the fourth use of the vibrating condom, 100% of participants had achieved orgasm. They also add that this is an extremely high rate, even when compared to reaching orgasm in men.

The condom is a combination of a simple latex sheath that protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, in which miniature electronic sex toys are embedded. It is expected that the innovative product will appear on the European market in 12-18 months.

Statistics show that about 10% of women have never reached the peak of sexual pleasure, no matter which way – whether during intercourse or through masturbation.

Experts say that muscle tension helps women achieve orgasm. Experts usually recommend doing this successfully by combining the right amount of tension in the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

No less important sign, in their opinion, is emotional discharge. They argue that a woman should focus solely on the sensations of stimulation, and not get hung up on how to behave better in bed or how she looks. A bedroom is also a place where every day and other problems must be banished and not allowed. Good sex, of course, can also lead to faster resolution.

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